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Terms of Service

These are the terms and conditions that all customers agree to when ordering:

SaveGP may request additional documentation for certain orders to verify the legitimacy of your payment such as:
  • Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Picture of Card to Verify Last 4 #s
  • Other
SaveGP may also ask for additional security procedures and additional information to confirm your identity. In order to prevent fraud or charge-backs, SaveGP will use the documentation to determine whether the payment has been authorized by you. If you don’t comply we will refund your payment. Failure to comply with SaveGP's request may result in 24 hour payment seizure and/or a refund of your payment. SaveGP reserves the right to refuse business anyone if they do not complete the requested identity verification.

Upon delivery of your gold, you are henceforth held accountable for any unauthorized access to your account. SaveGP will NEVER ask you to trade the gold back to us. After verifying your identity in trade screen and you accepting the trade, it will be acknowledged as a completed delivery and frees SaveGP of any responsibility. Once the gold has been delivered to you, it becomes your responsibility.

By using SaveGP, you agree to be bound by these terms and the Payment Processor terms. These may be modified by us or by the Payment Processors at any time. You acknowledge that payment processing services are provided by Payment Processors, including Stripe and are subject to their EULAs.

By using services provided by, you accept all risks associated with your in-game account/wealth.
SaveGP prohibits the use of VPN/Proxy/VPS services.
SaveGP reserves the right to refused service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

Disputes and Resolution of Disputes
In the event of a dispute or charge-back claim being made between a customer and SaveGP, SaveGP will attempt to work with the customer to resolve the matter. If a resolution isn’t made and fraudulent activity was committed by the customer, SaveGP will initiate legal action by filing a lawsuits as well as sharing the fraudulent information with whomever SaveGP deem necessary.

SaveGP services are only to be used by customers over the age of 18. By using our services you agree to being over the age of 18, and follow any and all local laws and regulations. If a user is under the age of 18 their parent or guardian must be the person ordering from us.

Acceptance of Terms
Use of any services provided by SaveGP constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Service agreement. Please review our terms of service before any purchase on our website to review if any changes have been made.

All copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. SaveGP has no affiliation with Runescape or any other game publisher.